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    Bicycle helmets

    A bicycle helmet is compulsory in many countries for all your rides and thus an essential part of your cycling outfit. In our assortment, you will find helmets for every ride, from road bikes or mountain bikes to city bikes, e-bikes or even for the smallest on a child's bikes. Because in all these situations you deserve the best protection. Whether you are riding the roughest trails on your mountain bike or trying to conquer that one KOM on your road bike. We've also thought of the commuter on a superfast speed pedelec. Want to know more about our bicycle helmets? Read more about it in our buyer's guide.

    Which cyclist wears a helmet?

    A helmet is a piece of clothing that makes your ride safe and protects you. Without a helmet, you can suffer (serious) damage to your brain and skull in the event of a fall, even if you are only cycling at 25 kilometers per hour. To prevent this, you should wear a helmet that can absorb the energy on your head during a crash. This is one of the reasons why you should always replace your helmet afterwards. It is not always possible to see that the helmet has done its job. The helmet may look intact, but it is damaged on the inside and will not protect you as well the next time you fall.

    Is MIPS extra safe?

    A bicycle helmet is safe in itself, of course, but with MIPS technology, helmets can be made even safer. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. In normal language, this means that the inside of the helmet (in which the MIPS is incorporated) can move independently from the shell of the helmet during a crash. Because no cyclist's head falls in a straight line downwards, the helmet can adjust itself to the angle of the fall. The inside of the helmet moves with your head, while the outside absorbs the impact. The risk of injury is therefore much smaller when you use a helmet with MIPS.

    When to wear a bicycle helmet?

    As mentioned, in many countries, wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory as soon as you get on your bike. In all cases, we recommend it, no matter what type of bicycle you ride. To ensure your safety, helmets have to meet the European, American, or Australian safety standards and are therefore extensively tested. For the speed pedelec helmets apply even stricter requirements. This is all to ensure that you can set off safely and that even the youngest cyclists are protected.

    What types of helmets are there?

    We have a different helmet for every type of cyclist in our range. Road bike helmets are lightweight and provide good ventilation so you can keep your head cool under all circumstances. Something you definitely need to do during a time trial, for which our Aero helmets are suitable. The mountain bike helmets cover your head just a bit more at the side and come with a visor for extra protection. Our e-bike and speed pedelec helmets are designed to ensure your safety at higher speeds. And the children's helmets are for the smallest because when your child is safe, you are safe.