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    Cables and Parts

    Braking cables and shifting cables on your road bike, mountain bike, or city bike are parts that do their work invisibly. To keep your bike in top condition, but these cables and their accessories need to be replaced every now and then. You can ask your local bike shop to do this for you, but the real home mechanic will of course do it himself. That is why we offer all cables and parts that you can use yourself. Brake cables, shifting cables, and all sorts of other accessories such as caps, cable ends, and cable stoppers.

    Bleed sets

    Anyone who owns a bicycle with hydraulic disc brakes knows the drill. The brakes need to be bled. To do this yourself in the best way, you need the right tools and the best parts. With our brake bleeding kits, your discs will brake like the best in no time.

    Brake cables

    After a while, your braking cables need to be replaced as well. It is then time to replace the inner cables or outer cables of your brake system. You as a real home mechanic can do this yourself and you only need the right parts. We have the right brake cables for your road bike, mountain bike or city bike. So that you can independently get to work to get your bike back into top condition.

    Gear cables

    After a while, your shifting cables also need to be replaced. You notice this when the shifting doesn't go as smoothly anymore. And shifting is an important part of cycling. Gears should run smoothly and you, as a home mechanic, want to make sure your road bike or mountain bike stays in top condition. That is why you replace your shifting cables on time, with our wide range of gear cables and accessories.

    Cable accessories

    Brake cables or shifting cables cannot be replaced without all those little accessories that are attached to them. To let the cables do their work optimally, the small caps, cable ends and cable stoppers are essential.