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    Cycling glasses

    Do not underestimate the value of a good pair of cycling glasses. They are indispensable during your ride! Not only do they give you a clean look, but they also keep the sun, wind, and those annoying flies out of your eyes. So if you want to look good and protect your eyes, look no further, because there is plenty of choices. From simple sunglasses with sporty features to real designer glasses that are aerodynamic and sit firmly on your head. For cyclists who just want to keep the sun out of their eyes, through to those who need prescription cycling glasses. With a choice of colors, lens types, and frames.

    What different types of cycling glasses are there?

    There are all sorts and sizes of cycling glasses. The important thing is that the glasses fit your face well and make you look good while you are wearing them. For example, do you choose full-frame cycling glasses, just frames with a top rim (half-frame), or even frameless glasses? This all affects your looks, field of vision when cycling, and the weight of the glasses. There are also some exotics in our range that are specially made for narrower faces or for cyclists who suffer from farsightedness. Can you use some help choosing? Or do you want to know everything about our cycling glasses? Then read more in our buyer's guide.

    Are the lenses interchangeable?

    Almost all of our cycling glasses come with three lenses. The standard smoke or MLC lens is already in the glasses and which you can use well on sunny days. But as extra lenses, a yellow and a transparent lens are included. The yellow lens is made for low-light situations, they can brighten an environment, promote contrast, and are very useful in foggy and darker weather. And a clear or transparent lens that is used in dark conditions with a light transition of 80% - 92%. So your cycling glasses will provide full protection during all your rides.

    What are cycling glasses with photochromic lenses?

    Another exotic are the cycling glasses with photochromic lenses. There is such a variant of almost every cycling glasses in our range. photochromic lenses give you a huge advantage when cycling because they literally color along with the light conditions. For example, if you cycle in the shade in the forest, the lenses will become lighter. If you cycle in full sunlight, the lenses will turn darker again. This prevents having to change lenses and ensures good vision.