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Model number: BBL-46
  • 12mm thick high-security cable lock, operated by a 4-digit numerical code
  • Extra protected durable lock mechanism
  • Thick and durable straight twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection
  • 4-combination numerical changeable code
  • Cable cover protects your bicycle's paint from chips and scratches
  • Compatible with BBL-92 CableFix and BBL-93 CableTie
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CodeLock Lock

Keep the key of your bike lock in your head instead of your pocket. The CodeLock has a 4 number code that can be changed by its owner. Keep the key in your head and the CodeLock will protect your bike. The thick steel cable has a soft cover to protect your frame from scratches. You can leave your bike everywhere without any worries.


  • Safety level 5
  • Locking system Code
  • Adjustable code Yes
  • Thickness Lock (mm) 12
  • Mounting bracket No
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Locktype Cable lock


  • Length (mm) 1000
  • Weight (g) 400