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  • High security bicycle lock with 5 mm thick heavy-duty steel chain
  • 4-combination numerical changeable code
  • Cover protects your bicycle's paint from chips and scratches
  • Compatible with BBL-92 CableFix and BBL-93 CableTie

CodeLink Lock

Do you loose your keys sometimes? Or you just don't want to carry your keys everywhere? The CodeLink is the answer to your problem. The heavy duty steel chain will keep your bike safe. The only thing you have to do is remember your code, the CodeLink will do the rest.


  • Locking system Code
  • Length (mm) 1000
  • Weight (g) 796
  • Diameter 5
  • ART-certified No
  • Lock type Chain lock
  • Mounting bracket No
  • Protection sleeve Yes
  • Thickness (mm) 5
  • Colors black
  • Adjustable code Yes


Safety level

Safety level

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