BottomPress BB86

Road + Urban /
  • Press Fit bottom bracket for BB86 standard for road bikes
  • Chrome steel bearings
  • Cup diameter of 41 mm

BottomPress BB86 Bottom Bracket

Impress yourself with this high-end BottomPress
There is no better feeling than a smooth rolling bike. A bottom bracket is one of the most important parts to keep your bike smooth and silent. The BottomPress BB86 is a high-end bottom bracket. Durable, high-end materials are used to keep your bike rolling forever!


  • Colors Black
  • Bearings material CrMo
  • Bracket Shell Diameter (mm) 41
  • Bracket Shell type BB86 - Shimano press fit Road
  • Bracket Shell width (mm) 86,5mm
  • Bracket spindle diameter (mm) 24