DiscStop E-bike

E-MTB + E-bike /
  • Made of our specifically engineered organic E-bike compound
  • Durable design for use on heavier bikes
  • E-bike specific: This product complies to the NEN-EN 15194:2017 regulations for e-bikes
  • Speciální organická směs pro pedelec a elektrokola

E-bike brake pads

Stay safe on your e-bike
Brakepads which are developed to compliment the commuting e-bike lifestyle. Made of an organic compound specially developed for the use on a e-bike or speed pedelec. The compound focuses on durability and stopping Heavier bikes.
DiscStop E-bike
DiscStop E-bike


  • Amount (Pieces) 2
  • Compatible with Magura MT7, MT7 HC, MT7 Pro, MT7 Trail SL (front) and MT1893
  • Compatible with brands Magura
  • Disc brake pad type E-bikes


E-Bike specific:

E-Bike specific:

These products have been developed and designed particularly for the use on E-bikes. They are built to keep their durability while being exposed to higher speed and heavier bikes. These products comply to the NEN-EN 15194:2017 standard for E-bikes.

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