RingFix Aero

MTB + Road + Urban /
  • Compatible with the BFD-04, BFD-13R, BFD-14R, BFD-15R and the BFD-35R.
Fenders aren’t the most appealing accessory you’re going to stick onto your finely tuned road or mountain bike. Personally, we like to keep their presence at a minimum, only mounting them when the weather calls for it. That’s how we came up with the Ringfix bracket-free mount. If you want to use your fenders it’s fixed in a few seconds. But when the fenders come of, there aren’t any unsightly brackets that remain on your bike.


  • RingFix quick release system.
  • For fast and easy installation on the seatpost.
  • Aero version fits seatpost diameters 25.0 – 57.3 mm. It includes an extra-long 185 mm strap to fit securely around aero seatposts.
  • Seatpost protection sticker pre applied.
  • TPR inlay designed to fit around a wide variety of aero seatposts as well as round seatposts.
  • Compatible with the BFD-04/13R/14R/15R/16R/35R fenders.
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