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Model number: BHP-02
  • A-head headset
  • Cartridge type, industrial sealed bearings
  • RoundHead (BAP-02) included
  • 36° x 36° sealed bearings
  • 6061 T6 aluminium
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TurnAround Headset

The TurnAround keeps your headset nice and smooth to make sure you can take every corner as tight as you want, and the durable sealed bearings makes sure you can keep doing that for a long time!


  • Headset type External Cup (EC) / Non-Threaded
  • S.H.I.S. Lower EC34/30
  • S.H.I.S. Upper EC34/28.6
  • Bearings included BHP-180
  • Cone spacer diameter (mm) 47
  • Cone spacer height (mm) 8
  • Crown race included Yes
  • Fork size (inch) 1.1/8
  • Bearings material CrMo
  • Headtube lower/inner diameter (mm) 34
  • Headtube upper/inner diameter (mm) 34


  • Weight (g) 118
  • Bearing CrMo
Sealed retainer CrMo bearings

Sealed retainer CrMo bearings

The bearings of this headset are made with sealed retainer CrMo bearings. CrMo is a variant of steel that is mixed with chrome and molybdenum what gives the material strength. They are sealed to protect them against dirt, ensuring durability and easy replacement, making them a reliable choice for smoother rides. Although it is not as lightweight as aluminium it has a high tensile strength and is easy weldable. Therefore, it is stronger as standard steel and lasts longer.

External Cup (EC) / Threaded headset

External Cup (EC) / Threaded headset

The External Cup type is most obvious as you can see the bearings above and below the frame tube. The bearings are not exposed but hidden in a cup that slides into the frame. This type of headset gives you the code EC.