Strike replacement battery

MTB + Road + Urban /
  • Replacement battery for BLS-131/132 Strike
  • Battery protected against overcharge and undercharge

Strike replacement battery Battery

Replacement battery for BLS-131 Strike 500 and BLS-132 Strike 1000
It is unavoidable that the battery of your light will wear out slowly. Luckily it happens very slowly and for most people it is not necessary to replace it. But there are people out there that want to upgrade and rejuvenate their light after a while to have the full capacity again.


  • Colors Blue
  • Battery type Replaceable Lithium Ion 18651
  • Battery capacity (mAh) 2600
  • Battery voltage (V) 3.7
  • Length (mm) 70
  • Width (mm) 18




Regulated lights emit over their entire burn time a constant amount of light due to an electronic regulation system. Is the battery (pack) empty, can’t the same amount of light be emitted anymore, than the light will automatically turn off. Because you don’t want to be surprised, these lamps feature a battery indicator.

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