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HelmetMount 2.0

Model number: BLS-196
  • Special mount to install lights on your helmet
  • Compatible for all headlights with Tightfix system
  • The angle of the light can be adjusted for optimal usage
  • Also suitable for GoPro mounting
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HelmetMount 2.0 Bracket

With the HelmetMount 2.0, you can easily and quickly mount your BBB Cycling headlight onto your helmet. This way, your light will follow the direction of your head for a constant burst of light wherever you are looking. The HelmetMount 2.0 can be mounted on almost every helmet with a safe and secure velcro strap. All BBB Cycling lights with the TightFix system can be mounted on the HelmetMount 2.0. In addition, the HelmetMount 2.0 can also be used with any GoPro-compatible product.

HelmetMount 2.0 HelmetMount 2.0
HelmetMount 2.0 HelmetMount 2.0


  • Sizes Universal (40g)