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Model number: BSB-97
  • Rain cover for Trunkpacks BSB-133/134, Carrierpacks BBW-137/138 and Frontpack BBW-139
  • Fluorescent yellow for increased visibility
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CarrierCover Bag accessory

You are as hard as a rock, no weather is too tough for you, but all your belongings in your bag could use an extra layer of protection. Luckily you got your CarrierCover with you. The CarrierCover covers your cargo easily and fast and will stay perfectly in place, even when it's windy. The Fluorescent color makes sure you are still visible in bad weather. With the CarrierCover you will keep your stuff safe and dry. You and your bike are good to go!


  • Closing system Elastic
  • Bag material Nylon
  • Bag Type Accessories
  • Waterproofness Waterproof