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Sport Comfort 2.0

Model number: BSD-135
  • Sport saddle with anatomic cut-out for riding in casual as well as sportive clothing
  • Moderate density PU foam for comfort on all rides
  • Durable two-tone synthetic leather cover
  • Lightweight glassfiber reinforced shell for long lasting comfort
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Sport Comfort 2.0 saddle

A comfortable ride is mainly determined by your saddle. With the Sport Comfort 2.0 you are assured of a comfortable ride on your sportive bike. The special cut-out prevents high-pressure points and allows an even spread of your weight. The Sport Comfort 2.0 can be used comfortably with cycling clothes as well as normal clothes and is therefore one of our most versatile saddles.

Sport Comfort 2.0 Sport Comfort 2.0
Sport Comfort 2.0 Sport Comfort 2.0


  • Sizes 145mm,165mm,155mm


  • Posture Sportive (45°)
  • Gender Unisex
  • Pressure relieve system Anatomic cut out
  • Material cover Synthetic leather
  • Material rails Boron
  • Density 5/9
  • Material foam PU
  • Material shell Glassfiber reinforced Nylon
Sportive cycling posture (45°)

Sportive cycling posture (45°)

Designed for a sportive cycling posture at 45 degrees, our saddles offer optimal performance and minimal weight. Choose a saddle with the best width measurement that fits your sit bones and stature, with multiple width options available for optimal comfort and performance on long-distance road and mountain bike rides.

Density and comfort level

Density and comfort level

If you regularly bike longer distances on a sporty or touring bike, a saddle with a density of 4-6 is the ideal choice. These saddles offer a good balance of comfort, cushioning, and support. Their shape takes into account your sitting position and is made of foam that feels comfortable even on a longer ride. This ensures comfort during frequent and extended rides.