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Model number: BSP-20
  • Seatpost that is available in almost all existing diameters
  • Compatible with all bikes
  • Cold-forged 6061 T6 aluminium
  • 2-screw Micro-adjust system
  • Extra long seatpost (400mm)
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SkyScraper Seatpost

Extend your seatpost as far as you want, an almost endless extention. A seatpost with a super easy to use saddle attachement system. Another great feature of the SkyScraper is the many different sizes it is available. 30 sizes to make sure we got a seatpost for every bike. The possibilities are sky high! Like a skyscraper!


  • Sizes 25.0mm (295g), 25.4mm (295g), 25.6mm (295g), 25.8mm (295g), 26.0mm (295g), 26.2mm (295g), 26.4mm (295g), 26.6mm (295g), 26.8mm (295g), 27.0mm (295g), 27.2mm (295g), 28.6mm (295g), 28.8mm (295g), 29.0mm (295g), 29.2mm (295g), 29.4mm (295g), 29.6mm (295g), 29.8mm (295g), 30.0mm (295g), 30.2mm (295g), 30.4mm (295g), 30.6mm (295g), 30.8mm (295g), 30.9mm (295g), 31.0mm (295g), 31.2mm (295g), 31.4mm (295g), 31.6mm (295g), 32.0mm (295g), 34.9mm (295g)
  • Diameter 25,25.4,25.6,25.8,26,26.2,26.4,26.6,26.8,27,27.2,28.6,28.8,29,29.2,29.4,29.6,29.8,30,30.2,30.4,30.6,30.8,30.9,31,31.2,31.4,31.6,32,34.9


  • Length Seatpost (mm) 400
  • Clamp mechanism Dual bolt
  • Carbon rails compatible Yes
  • Seatpost suspension No
  • Certified for E-Bike (EN 15194), MTB (EN 14766 / ISO 4210), Road (EN 14781 / ISO 4210), Touring (EN 14764 / ISO 4210)


The seatpost offset refers to the distance between the centerline of the seatpost and the centerline of the saddle rail clamp. A zero offset aligns the clamp with the seatpost, while a 15mm offset positions the center of the saddle rail clamp 15mm behind the center of the seatpost. The offset affects the saddle position and influences saddle position and rider comfort on the bike.

E-bike ready

E-bike ready

Products suitable for use on a wide range of bicycles, including E-bikes. Ensuring durability even at higher speeds and with heavier bikes. They meet the NEN-EN 15194:2017 standard for electric bicycles, covering safety aspects and hazard prevention. This e-bike-ready label guarantees your gear can handle the demands of (electric) cycling, providing peace of mind when you hit the road on your e-bike.