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Buyer's Guide | Gloves
Zonder padding

No padding

Our gloves without padding have got one goal: providing grip! Gloves with no padding offer maximum grip. The thin fabric between hands and handlebar is sufficient to reduce vibration, and offers optimal feeling with your handlebar. The contact surface of these gloves is especially designed to create maximum grip en therefore control of your bike in all circumstances.

Gemiddelde padding Gemiddelde padding

Medium padding

Gloves with medium padding offer the perfect balance between comfort due to the padding, and comfort due to grip and control. Medium padding give you enough suspension and protection against vibration. Therefore, your hands will be less strained. Even though some people prefer more padding, this can also cause discomfort and less feeling with your handlebar. Medium padding is the perfect in between for the allround cyclist.

Maximale padding Maximale padding

Maximum padding

Rough terrain can tire your hands pretty quickly! The static position of your hands, together with the vibration of the surface you are riding on can be a big strain on your hands. By using gloves with full padding, vibration will be significantly reduced and you will create a comfortable environment for your hands. Besides, this padding offers you the right support for your hands and wrists by positioning your hands exactly right on your handlebar.

Bescherming Bescherming

Protection in many ways

The sun may not seem like a threat, but think about it, your hands are often for hours in the same position. Without gloves they are fully exposed to the sun on a hot and sunny day. A pair of summer gloves will protect your hands against the sun while still providing great ventilation to keep your hands cool. Another way of protection your gloves can help you with is staying in control of your bike. A good pair of gloves provide good grip on your handlebars. Rough terrain, traffic or other obstacles ask for a secure hold on your handlebar. The sillicone anti-slip print on many of our gloves will make you be in control of all your rides.



We use different closure systems for our gloves. Our velcro closure, which is adjustable and easy to take on and off. Or the strapless closure, which provides a perfect aerodynamic and seamless fit for every high speed racer! All our closures are ergonomically designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Another great feature is the finger straps that many of our summer gloves have. We all know the struggle trying to take off your gloves, but you can't get any grip on them with your other hand. The finger straps allow you to pull on your gloves when taking them off. And that allows us to make our gloves even better fit without the difficulties when taking them off.

Niveau 1-3

Level 1-3

Level 1-3 is perfect for the fresh morning rides where it is too cold for no gloves, but a light protection from the cold wind against your bare skin is more then welcome. During your high intensity rides like races or hard training in the cold, a pair of thin or medium thick gloves can be enough to keep your hands nice and warm. Good feeling with your handlebars and brake levers is very important. A pair of thinner gloves have less influence on that. 1-3 cold resistance level can be your best friend!

Niveau 3-6

Level 3-6

When it gets real cold, our gloves with a cold resistance level of 3-6 make sure you are still happy to go out when many of your fellow cyclists stay inside. These gloves keep your hands comfortable, even in harsh conditions. These gloves have a focus on fine finger movement despite the thickness of the gloves.

Niveau 6-9

Level 6-9

Extreme weather calls for extreme measurements! Gloves with a cold resistance level of 6-9 are the best protection against the shearing cold. When the temperature drops below zero, we still got your back. Your hands will stay perfectly warm and comfortable for a long time with this level of protection.

Materialen Materialen


Obviously, different levels of protection (against cold as well as water) ask for different materials. Therefore our gloves are not made out of just one piece of material. We have used different types of materials in the panels a glove is made out of. These different panels make up the great combination between protection, breathability, comfort and style.

We use different materials and types of fabrics for our gloves to achieve exactly the goals we are looking for. On our clothing materials page, you can read more about these materials and what they are used for. Want to know how to best maintain cycling gloves? Then take a look at our care instructions for your cycling clothing.


You will be seen!

Many of our gloves have reflective elements on the back of the hand. As the cold winter days are often also dark, it is always good to be extra visible in these dark weather conditions. We even have the special ColdShield Reflective which has a full reflective upper part for maximum visibility. The SubZero gloves have also a big upper part of reflective fabric. Our ControlZone and WaterShield are available in neon yellow, also for extra visibility. Because in the end; safety always goes first!