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Voorgevormde panelen Voorgevormde panelen

Preformed panels

The panel shape of a jersey has a major impact on the fitting and quality of a jersey. A jersey is build up out of panels of fabric. The shape of these panels determine the size and fitting of the jersey. Besides that, using stretchable, breathable, thicker, thinner or thougher fabric on certain panels can improve the quality even further. Different materials for different panels allows us to give every panel the specific function it needs to perform. We have designed the panel shape of our jerseys specifically to the position you are sitting in while riding your bike. The jerseys fit best while in riding position on the bike. That is after all the position in which your jerseys has to fit perfectly. Further explanation about the different types of fabric can be found on our materials page.

Materialen Materialen


Materials is, just as panel shape, extremely important for the quality of a jersey. Back in the old days we used to ride with woolen jerseys, but luckely we are far beyond that now! The high-end techniques we use to create fabrics for our jerseys is astonishing, and can not be compared with the black and white era. Think about breathability, stretchability and lightweight specs. Our jerseys are not made out of just one type of fabric anymore nowadays. We use different panels with different materials in our jerseys to create the right abilities on the right spots.

A simple example; we use less stretchable materials for the backpockets to avoid hanging when you stuff them full with your belongings. This will make your ride much more comfortable. Over our whole apparel range we use almost 20 different types of fabrics and materials to create the exact specification we are looking for. On our clothing Materials page you can learn more about all these different materials and where they are used for. It is definitely worth reading!

Afwerking Afwerking


Details make the product! When designing a product, focussing on the details at the end can really make a product stand out in the crowd. One of the main details we work on really hard is the finishing on the sleeves and bottom of our jerseys. Elastic gripper on the bottom hems make sure your jerseys won't climb up too much and holds the jersey nice in place. Besides, the sleeves have a finish that makes sure that there is a perfect transition between the sleeve and the skin of your arms. Take for example the finishing of our womens Donna jersey; The soft finish on the end of the sleeves create a nice transition to the skin of your arm without creating a thight band. Those are the little things that make a difference! 

Ritssluiting Ritssluiting

Zipper closure

Jerseys have often a zipper at the front on the chest. We have chosen to equipe all our jerseys with a full zipper all the way down so that you can open your jersey just like a jacket. This gives you all the flexibility to change clothes easily, tuck your baselayer back in your shorts or just open your jersey all the way to cool yourself down on a climb! We use though and durable YKK-zippers. No expense spared to make sure your zipper will never get stuck or doesn't work in any other way.

Drie achterzakken Drie achterzakken

Thanks, it's got pockets!

Three pockets, to be precise! Every cyclist needs to bring some of his or hers stuff on the bike. May it be a wallet, phone, some energy bars or a spare tube, we got your back! All our jerseys are equipped with three back pockets to take all your belongings with you on the bike. The pockets have an elastic top to make sure your stuff won't fall out when riding on rought terrain.