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Tjerk Tjerk




Sr. Product Manager

Let us introduce...

I am Tjerk. As a Senior Product Manager, I set out the broad outlines of each category together with the other product managers. About how we want to produce, what we are going to focus on, and what kind of products we need to develop. I am involved in every project. In addition, as a Product Manager, I am also responsible for a large number of product categories. including helmets, cycling glasses, lighting, and saddles.


What do you like most about your job?

Combining my hobby and work is a nice cliché, but it is true. In addition, we develop a wide range of products, which makes the work very diverse and you learn new things about cycling every day.

If you could tell something about yourself, what would it be?

I like to challenge myself by cycling long distances and participating in ultra races. Cycling then gets an extra dimension. Because next to the physical impact it is also about perseverance and mental resilience, especially when it gets tough. In addition, it is ideal to test new products before they are in the store.


Which product are you most proud of?

The Echelon saddle. Of all bicycle products we make, saddles are one of the most complex. Developing a saddle that everyone can sit on is the "holy grail" of the cycling world. A saddle is about comfort and that is of course subjective and very personal. We did a lot of research in order to develop the Echelon sadddle. Now that the saddle has been on the market for a number of years, it is nice to see that there are so many good experiences with it. With the Echelon we have been able to offer many cyclists a saddle that gave more cycling pleasure instead of saddle pain. As a product developer, I have nothing more to wish for.

What type of cyclist would you recommend this product to?

The saddle has been developed in such a way that it suits as many cyclists as possible. But I definitely recommend it to cyclists who now have saddle pain or other saddle complaints on their current saddle. Conventional saddles are often too narrow, too round, and too loose and therefore have pressure points in the wrong place on the body. This can result in a multitude of different saddle complaints and saddle pain. The Echelon saddle offers, due to its shape, the large recess, and different widths from which to choose, a very comfortable saddle that almost every cyclist can ride on.