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Yannick Yannick




Product Designer

Let us introduce...

My name is Yannick. As a product designer within the product development department, I am mainly involved in designing, prototyping, and visualizing future products. This can be as simple as the simple shape or color of a fender. Or as extensive as the complete operation and construction of a product series such as bikepacking bags, or as technical as the bottom bracket bearing category.


What do you like most about your job?

I like that we have something to do with all aspects. We are a versatile brand where we develop a very wide range of products, and this often leads to "cross-fertilization" between categories so that clever things, small or large, find their way into other products. This ensures that we as designers have very varied work and learn something new every time.

Because of the size of our company, it is very centered around the products. Therefore, as a department, we are in contact with all aspects of the company; sales, marketing, production, logistics, dealers, and of course the most important, the user!

If you could tell something about yourself, what would it be?

I have good memories of the MTB marathon in Luxembourg that I rode together with Sebastiaan (colleague). Of course, our former world record holder drove me completely round the bend, but that did not spoil the fun! This marathon was a goal that I had set for myself with regard to MTB tours and actually once I had done this, I had quite quickly become bored with MTB as a hobby. I sold my MTB and bought a nice all-road-race-what-you-want-to-call-it bike. This is my all-rounder that brings me to work through all kinds of weather or gives me a day full of fun.


Which product are you most proud of?

The Bikepacking bags, including the Front Fellow shown in the pictures here, are a nice example of a series of real BBB products. Good durable products, with smart and useful features for a very decent price.

The Bikepacking world is (or was) a very niche world with a few players monopolizing the market and despite that position and the prices, there were still a lot of user comments. Here we felt there was a lot of potential for some real BBB DNA, our goal was to solve some definite product problems and make Bikepacks more accessible for a wider audience. After all, we want everyone to enjoy their bike and there's nothing as annoying as paying a lot of money for something you're not satisfied with afterwards.

What type of cyclist would you recommend this product to?

To every type of cyclist who considers making a multi-day trip, that is the beauty of Bikepacken! Whether you are new to the world of cycling or already familiar with it, our bags are ready for you!