DiscStop HP Sintered

  • Compatible con: SRAM Level, Level T, Level TL, XX y XO. Avid DB y Elixir Series. Trickstuff C21.
  • With a sintered compound braking surface
  • Suitable for highspeed and downhill applications
  • Pre-sanded brake pads, direct ready to use

Sintered braking pads

Direct ready to use
Our copper-backed brakepads feature a sintered compound braking surface. Which is able to handle longer periods of braking in both dry and wet conditions. They are therefore more suitable for highspeed and downhill applications. The compound of the pads is pre-sanded which makes these directly ready for use. Without the need to prepare them before going for a ride. Compatible with: SRAM Level, Level T, Level TL, XX and XO. Avid DB and Elixir Series. Trickstuff C21.


  • Fabricado con nuestro compuesto sinterizado de alto rendimiento para lograr los mejores resultados con mal tiempo y lluvia.
  • Nota: Estas pastillas de freno de disco son únicamente para discos de acero inoxidable.
  • Conjunto de 2 unidades.
  • Compatibilidad: Avid/SRAM.
  • Tipo pastilla de freno de disco: Sinterizadas, alto rendimiento.


Listos para bicicletas eléctricas:

Listos para bicicletas eléctricas:

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