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DualHead 3.0

Número de modelo: BFP-96
  • Cabezal de repuesto para todas nuestras bombas de suelo
  • Cabeza de bomba de repuesto para todas las bombas de suelo (excepto BFP-31/35)
  • Palanca de bloqueo del pulgar para montaje más fácil y rápido en la válvula
  • Compatible con válvulas Presta, Schräder y Dunlop
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DualHead 3.0 Pump accessory

The pumping part is not the hardest, it is putting the pumphead on your valve and taking it off. Your fingers can get stuck, or the lever slams into your hand. The DualHead 3.0 pumphead has solved all these problems. With a reverse lever mechanism the lever is easy to handle even just with one hand so you got the other hand free to hold the pump or tire. Also taking off the pumphead can be done with only one hand, and the lever won't slam into your hand while taking it off. Give yourself a bit of comfort and upgrade your pump to a higher level!


  • Material Compuesto
  • Válvulas compatibles Dunlop, Presta/French, Schrader/Automotive
  • Tipo de presión Alta presión, Alto volumen
  • Tipo cabezal de bomba DualHead 3.0


  • Peso (g) 73