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The story behind cycling glasses with unlimited field of vision

0 December 0
The story behind cycling glasses with unlimited field of vision

The story behind cycling glasses with unlimited field of vision

0 December 0
The story behind cycling glasses with unlimited field of vision

The story behind cycling glasses with unlimited field of vision

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Yes, we are proud! Proud of our fresh Fullview HC. Our new flagship consists of some high-end technologies, incredible materials, and a sophisticated design. Our Fullview series is known for its wide and open view. It sounds ironic, but designing cycling glasses that do not stand in the way of your vision is quite a job. Less is often more and it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to develop cycling glasses that do not limit your demand! Our Fullview HC lens is our most sophisticated lens to date yet and we are thrilled to let you experience the full view of our new Fullview HC!

Size does matter!

The size of the lens has much to do with its potential to not hinder your vision. Make a massive lens that covers the whole eye and you are done, right? Unfortunately, practical aspects will get in the way if that would be your way to go.

For example, think about the fact that you are wearing a helmet. A massive lens and helmet will not work together. Besides, a lens can become too big for comfortable wearing, touch your face, or simply become annoying. It is therefore important to find the perfect balance between practical comfort and the theory of unlimited vision.

The specific shape of our Fullview lens allows maximum coverage of the vision without interference with your vision. We have been able to increase the height of our lens by 4,6 mm in comparison to our original Fullview glasses. A great improvement towards our goal for uncompromisable vision! You will also see that the lens follows the exact contours of your cheekbones. This way the lens follows the shape of your face without interfering too much.

Toric lens

As you know, the lens of cycling glasses is never flat. They are spherical shaped. The bend of the lens is normally the same in both horizontal as well as vertical directions. For our new FullView HC we have used a Toric lens.

A toric lens makes it possible for us to determine the bend of both vertical and horizontal direction ourselves. This way, the lens can follow the same bend as the eyeball as well as creating optimal space for a big lens. The lens will not touch your face while still allowing maximum size. A better fit can be established as well as optimal ergonomics.


The Fullview series is well-known for its minimalistic frame. This design choice allows maximum vision through the lens without any interference of the frame. It is like a screen or painting with a minimal frame around it. It allows a wide and open view literally without any boundaries! A proven concept in our original Fullview glasses that has been adapted in the new Fullview HC glasses. Our minimalistic frame design improves weight, stiffness, ease of changing the lens, and above all, its vision!

High-contrast is key

To understand the concept of High-Contrast lenses you have to understand a bit about how light, and thus vision, works. Light is a build-up of different colors. Green, red and blue are the three primary colors that make up everything we can see. All other colors we can see are derived from these three. The more colors (other than the three primary colors) are available in your sight, the more all those colors fuse and become an even picture.

By filtering all the 'in-between' colors out, you will end up with a sight where the three primary colors are more prominent. This will still allow a normal representation of colors, only with more contrast. This way, you will be able to see unevenness more clearly. Sticks, holes, different surfaces, moving objects etc. A high contrast filter as we have in our Fullview HC allows you to see things with more contrast and you will be able to act after the situation more quickly.

In the picture below you can see the difference between glasses with a 'normal' lens (black line) and those with a 'high contrast' lens (blue line). You can clearly see that the 'in-between' colors are filtered out.

Layer after layer of features

With just the right size of the lens and the high contrast filter, we are not at the end of the list yet! To finish off our new FullView HC, we have applied a few technological high-end coatings to the lens. This way, the FullView HC is prepared for a myriad of environments and circumstances.

Our FullView HC lens contains 4 different coatings, all with their own special features. The FullView MLC PH contains even 6 different coatings, also all with their own specific features to protect you, the lens itself, and to allow optimal vision in all conditions!

Unlimited vision

So, a little look at what's going on behind the scene of our Fullview HC. Now it is time to actually experience these glasses. On to your local bicycle shop and fit a pair yourself.

You will not be disappointed! Every aspect of these glasses is pointed towards creating a better vision and unlimited freedom. So let the new Fullview HC take you to wherever you want to go!