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    Disc brakes

    The disc brakes on your racing or mountain bike deserve good maintenance from time to time. You cannot avoid replacing the parts. Of all the brake parts, the disc brake pads are the first to need replacing as the wear part on the pads has worn away. Disc brake pads are often suitable for disc brakes from specific brands such as Shimano, Avid, or SRAM. Therefore, when picking out which one you need, take a good look at it. After a while, your disc brake rotors will also need to be replaced, as they also wear out during braking. This is often the time to look for better rotors, which are quieter, keep their shape better, and provide better cooling. They are available in different diameters, so the braking power will vary. Should you wish to fit a larger or smaller disc, remember that you will probably need an adapter. You can find these in our shop as well. Want to know everything about our disc brakes? Then read on in our buyer's guide.