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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, complaint, or good idea? Please check first if your question might be answered on this page. Is your question not here? Then you can contact us, see for the details our contact page.

Do you have a specific question about one of our products? Perhaps you can find the answer in the manual of the product, which you can find here. Keep the article number or the product code (BBB code) at hand. The product code of our products can be found on all our product pages here on the website. For a quick and professional answer to your question, you can always visit a BBB Cycling shop near you. Click here to see where your nearest shop is located.

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Fietsbrillen Fietsbrillen

Cycling glasses

Fietshelmen Fietshelmen

Cycling helmets

Fietskleding Fietskleding

Cycling apparel

Kleding Accessoires Kleding Accessoires

Apparel accessories

Fietscomputers Fietscomputers

Bicycle computers

Hydration systems Hydration systems

Hydration systems

Bicycle lights Bicycle lights

Bicycle lights

Bicycle locks Bicycle locks

Bicycle locks

Pedals Pedals


Brake parts Brake parts

Brake parts

Bottom Brackets Bottom Brackets

Bottom brackets

Saddles Saddles


Guarantee Guarantee


Before using our products, please read the instructions for use supplied with them. These can also be found and downloaded from our website.

In the unlikely event that you are faced with a defect, please contact the supplier where you purchased the product.