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Watch That Manual | How to wear a bicycle helmet?

27 March 2024
Watch That Manual | How to wear a bicycle helmet?

Watch That Manual | How to wear a bicycle helmet?

27 March 2024
Watch That Manual | How to wear a bicycle helmet?

Watch That Manual | How to wear a bicycle helmet?

27 Mar. 2024

Nowadays, all sports cyclists wear a bicycle helmet, and you should wear it properly. Therefore, this may seem like an unnecessary blog and video, but for many novice cyclists, the way to wear a bike helmet is not always clear. So, do yourself a favor and read this blog so you can step onto the bike safely and comfortably. Because a helmet is not a luxury item; it can literally save your life.

Choose the right bicycle helmet

We make helmets for all types of cyclists, from road bike and mountain bike helmets to city bike and e-bike helmets. We even have helmets for the youngest cyclists, our kids' helmets. When choosing a helmet, you naturally pay attention to the color and design because you want to look good on the road or in the forest. But more importantly, make sure to select the right size so the bike helmet fits well.

Head circumference Head circumference

1. Measure your head circumference

Before you buy a new bike helmet, you need to know which size to select, so always measure your head size/head circumference in centimeters first. You can do this by using a measuring tape to measure the circumference in a straight line just above your ears, approximately 1 to 2 centimeters above your eyebrows. Then, read the number of centimeters and know which helmet size fits you. The head circumference is stated for each helmet on our website and inside the helmet.

Note! It is possible that your head circumference in centimeters falls within the range of two helmet sizes. For example, if you have a head circumference of 55 cm, you fit both a helmet size 'S' and 'M'. In that case, you have the choice of a slightly smaller or larger bike helmet. If you regularly wear a cap or hat under your helmet, it is advisable to choose the larger helmet size.

Position of the helmet Position of the helmet

2. The position of the helmet

A bicycle helmet can only provide safety if you wear it correctly. Don't place the helmet too far forward on your head, as this can obstruct your vision. Also, the bike helmet should not slide backward because this way, your forehead is not protected. Place it as horizontally as possible on your head; a good fit starts with the right position.

Retention Retention

3. Adjust the helmet properly with the retention system

Our bicycle helmets are equipped with an adjustment system (retention system) that allows you to adjust the fit of the helmet. Adjust the bicycle helmet properly with the retention system at the rear of the helmet. Make sure it fits snugly around your head but not too tight. Turn the system clockwise to tighten it until you find the right fit. Loosen the fit by turning the wheel counterclockwise.

Strap dividers Strap dividers

4. Adjust the helmet strap divider

Then, adjust the helmet straps to the correct length, ensuring that the plastic strap divider sits just below your ear. For our helmets, we use different systems. A system where you can easily pull the adjuster where the straps come together on both sides of your head up or down. Or a system where you first have to unclip the buckle of the straps to adjust them.

Chin closure Chin closure

5. Adjust the chin closure

Finally, adjust the chin closure (chin strap) so that it can be fastened, making sure it's not too tight. Make sure there is space for 2 fingers between your chin and the closure. This way, the closure can be easily opened after your bike ride. Ensure that the rest of the strap is neatly out of the way and the loose end of the strap goes through the rubber O-ring.

Cycling glasses with your helmet Cycling glasses with your helmet

What to do with your cycling glasses?

Now that you're wearing the bicycle helmet correctly, you need cycling glasses to complete the picture. For mountain bike helmets, the glasses go under the helmet straps over your ears. For a road bike helmet, place the legs of the glasses over the helmet straps.

We hope this blog has prepared you well for purchasing a new helmet so you can buy the best bicycle helmet and know how to put it on correctly. Check out all bicycle helmets below.