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5 tips for choosing the perfect light for you!

21 September 2022
5 tips for choosing the perfect light for you!

5 tips for choosing the perfect light for you!

21 September 2022
5 tips for choosing the perfect light for you!

5 tips for choosing the perfect light for you!

21 Sep. 2022

How you can prepare yourself for winter


This summer seems to have no end! But don't let it fool you, Darker days are just around the corner. Unfortunately, we can't change the seasons for you, but we can make sure you are prepared for winter. Wearing the right apparel with good insulation and reflective elements to make you visible is a start. Good lights are the last pieces of the puzzle to get yourself ready for darker days.

Below, we will give 5 tips to help you choose the perfect light for yourself. Lights come in all sorts and shapes. A little help can come in quite handy!

Bettini Bettini

1. Zien of gezien worden?

Have you ever thought about whether your lights are for yourself or other traffic? Do you use your lights to draw the attention of others so they can see you, or do you need your lights to see what's ahead of you? To see, or to be seen?

Lights that are meant to be seen don't need to be as powerful as lights to see. Lights that are used to ensure you are visible emit up to about 150 lumens. Lumen is the unit that expresses the amount of light that is emitted. Do you want to know more about lumen? Read our blog about Lumen, Lux en Candela where we explain everything in more detail.

On dark bike paths, or at high speed, it can be handy to have a light that allows you to see what is coming up. This type of light asks for more power and a corresponding amount of lumen. All the way up to a stunning 2000 lumens!

Keep this in mind when you choose a new light and check de specs of our lights to see and compare the amount of lumen of each light.

Avenger Avenger

2. How long do you ride?

The length of your rides should have a big influence on the light you choose. For a long ride, you will obviously need a light that will also do the miles. All our lights have a rechargeable battery so that you can recharge your lights when you get home. Besides, in our specs, you will find the duration of the burning time of each light. This burning time depends on what mode you use, but it will give you a good indication if the light would be suitable for your long or short rides.

Most of our lights are also equipped with a battery indicator. This way, your light will let you know when it's time to get recharged and will let you know soon enough to make sure you can always make it home in time safely.

Fuse Fuse

3. Choose the right beam pattern

Straight lanes, winding tracks or busy roads with lots of upcoming traffic? Have you ever thought about the light beam pattern? The beam pattern is the shape of the beam on a surface directly opposite of the light. Often, this is simply round. However, different situations might require different beam patterns. For example, using a wider-shaped oval beam pattern on an MTB track can be very useful. This way, you will have better visibility on sharp corners, and a better overview of the world around you instead of just straight ahead of you.

On the other hand, round beam patterns can shine the light relatively far ahead of you, which makes riding at high speed much safer in the dark on the road.

And then we have our very special cut-off beam pattern design as we use in our Stud light. This is specifically designed to avoid blinding upcoming traffic.

So, have a think about what you are going to use your light for the most. Choosing the right beam pattern will make your riding in the dark just so much nicer!

Fuse Fuse

4. Size does matter!

Big lights often offer more and/or brighter light over a longer period of time. On the other hand, a smaller light is often easy to take with you, and a bit more practical in daily use. If you swap your lights often from one bike to another, or you like to take them off your bike regularly, a small light might be a bit easier for you.

Although, don't underestimate a bigger light. All our bigger lights can be mounted to your bike with the StrapFix mount. This allows easy and quick mounting and unmounting of the light at any time.

It is up to you the find the perfect balance between size, battery life and amount of light. Luckily you can find all these variables easily in the specs on our product pages.

FullView HC FullView HC

5. Try and discover the different modes

Our lights are pretty versatile. Not only do we have a great number of different lights to suit different situations. But also the different models themselves, due to the different modes on every light. You can use different modes to create the best balance between optimal visibility, vision and ideal burning time at all times. A city mode, daylight mode, flash modes and so on. Enough to discover!

And there you have it, 5 tips to get you going on your way to find the perfect light for you. If you are looking for more information about our lights, have a look at our buyer's guide about lights. Here, we discuss the tips mentioned above in more detail and so much more! Or how about our more technical blogs about our lights?