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Cleaning your bicycle in 5 steps

1 February 2021
Cleaning your bicycle in 5 steps

Cleaning your bicycle in 5 steps

1 February 2021
Cleaning your bicycle in 5 steps

Cleaning your bicycle in 5 steps

01 Feb. 2021

How to get your bicycle shining bright again


Every now and then it is time to clean your bicycle. After a dirty ride through the forest or just when you mention the dirt taking over your bike. And of course after a long winter in the garage when it is time to get your bike out of the shed.

If it is after an amazing ride through the mud or because the spring is calling you to get back on the bike. Cleaning is a task that is necessary sometimes. And it is done best when you got the right tools for the job. It gives a great feeling when you can enjoy a ride on a bike that has the looks of a brand new one. After all, cleaning gives some satisfaction and not only makes your bicycle looks great. The bike lasts longer and it improves performance.

1. Where to start?

Am I ready to get dirty? That is the first question you need to ask yourself before starting to clean your bike. When you are ready. Change your clothes, gather together all the stuff you need and get started!

Fill the buckets with hot water (this cleans better than cold water) and mix one of them with the soap. When you use the ProfiMount work stand, start cleaning the area on the frame were it is put in the jaws before clamping. This to make sure the dirt between the jaws and the frame will not scratch your bike.

 If practical, remove the wheels from the frame. This will help with a more efficient cleaning of the wheels and the frame. Install the ChainGrip to protect the chain and allow for easy chain cleaning.

ChainGrip ChainGrip

2. How to clean the chain?

Start cleaning the dirtiest parts of your bike, which is typically the chain, crankset, and derailleur (if applicable). Using a chain cleaner, such as the Bright & Fresh, makes this job a lot easier. To clean the derailleur and crankset use a bicycle cleaning fluid and our Toothbrush. Make sure you fill the chain cleaning tool afterward with soap to clean it.

Bright & Fresh Bright & Fresh

3. How to clean the frame and components?

When cleaning the frame and components start with the details. First clean tight spots with the brushes. For example spots behind the bottom bracket, corners between the cables and the frame, and even under the saddle. Clean the rest of the frame with the rags and sponges.

Rinse the bike with a water bottle or hose. When using the hose make sure it is on low pressure with a wide spray. Allow the bike to dry after rinsing and start to clean the wheels meanwhile.

ToothBrush ToothBrush

4. How to clean the wheels?

Start to scrape out larger filth such as grass and dirt from between the gears with the toothed end of the toothbrush. Then, clean the cogs with the brushed end of the toothbrush. Wash the entire wheel with the rags and sponges and rinse it off with hot water.

5. When am I ready?

Use a decent bicycle lube to lubricate the chain, cables, and other spinning points on the bike. Make sure all the parts are dry when starting to lubricate. Use a clean and non-fluffy rag to dry all the parts. This allows you to catch any soap that was accidentally left behind.

It will be a big plus to work with BBB tools while cleaning your bike. The BBB ProfiMount and ChainGrip keep your bike and chain perfectly in place. The BBB Toothbrush and Bright & Fresh help you to clean your bike in detail and help you to enjoy your bike a lot longer! Do you need tools for the job? Check out where to buy them in our dealer locator.